Mulholland Blond Has Perfected The Delicate Dream-Pop So Many Are Aiming For RN With ‘Recover’

We have been featuring Mulholland Blond, the Sydney-based dream-pop maker on this website for eons – even back before he was going by that name.

Today we share with you Recover, which feels like an epitomal moment for the young star who’s never not nailed the brief of delicate, luscious, 80s-ready synth-pop with just about the right amount of modernity and just the right amount of reverb.

This track is perfectly cooked – not overdone – his vocal delivery is light, the hook is an absolute earworm, and the lyrics match the energy and the sonics to a tee.

Obviously it’s a breakup song, and the 80s energy is inspired by the classic tropes purveyed by 80s romcoms. “

“I was stuck in a rut binge-watching 80s teen rom-coms and over-analysing the ups and downs of the relationship when I decided it would be more productive to put pen to paper,” he notes.

Glad he did.

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