Milky Chance live is an explosion of light, energy, and harmonicas

I went to see Milky Chance at the Enmore Theatre and this is what I saw.

The night started with Amy Shark, proud owner of a black Adidas jacket, Converse All Stars, and the richest voices in Australia right now. After playing a few tunes from her new Night Thinker EP, she launched into a cover of Eminem‘s Superman (with a touch of Forgot about Dre at the end), one of her “favourite Eminem songs.” Almost makes Marshall Mathers III seem endearing. The other stand-outs were Blood Brothers, which is about “a friend that turned into more than a friend,” and obviously Adore, which made everyone’s chests spontaneously burst into flames. MVP goes to the drummer for keeping the tightest beats I’ve heard in a live band for a while. Guy does complex syncopated fills like it’s nothing.

Milky Chance is by far the brightest band I’ve ever seen perform. This was their light set up: four circular light plates; and four units that had three moving lights, a bar of light, and a light circle that looked like honeycomb. If you’re epileptic, you would have had a bad time. Obviously, the star was lead singer and guitarist Clemens Rehbein, who is a big fan of dancing while he plays guitar and sings. It’s full of energy, but also happens to look very much like he’s just marching smugly on the spot. There was so much weed smoke in the theatre the band reminded us that even though people think they smoke weed, they actually just “get high on love, so let’s celebrate love,” which launched them into an extra-emotional version of Feathery.

The energy came back with Flashed Junk Mind, complete with more epilepsy-inciting rainbow flashes when the chorus came in. For the encore of Sweet Sun they brought in Aussie folk legend Kim Churchill and had the most intense harmonica-based showdown I’ve ever witnessed. There was even a guy whose one dedicated role seemed to be to run out on stage and catch the Milky Chance guitarist (and harmonicist), Antonio Greger‘s harmonica in a handheld net after he dropped it to go back to playing guitar. Here is a video of some of the insanity that someone filmed (the quality isn’t great, but I don’t blame them; you can’t not be jumping when this is happening in front of you):

When the energy ball that is four sweaty jumping Germans and a harmonica-crazed Aussie came to an end, lead singer Clemens clobbered us with the euphemism of the year: “That was good” (read in a heavy German accent.) MVP goes to Philipp Dausch for playing the bongos for what seemed to be for 90% of the time, with the other 10% dedicated to a mid-stage solo boogie to a salsa-inspired interlude. Overall, a really tight set filled with a good mix of old and new material that constantly surprised me (and the rest of the packed Enmore Theatre).

Catch them live in these remaining Australian dates:

May 10 – Metro City, Perth WA

May 14 – Groovin The Moo, Bunbury WA

Their new album Blossom is out now, and here’s the recently released music video for the title track:

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