MIKA’s stunning new single ‘Last Party’ is online with a one-shot video.

MIKA‘s properly back, isn’t he!

A brand new song called Talk About You premiered the other night and now, we have an actual single.

It’s called Last Party and you’ll receive it instantly when you pre-order the new album on iTunes.

The video for the semi-ballad was directed by Mika’s long-time friend and renowned fashion photographer, Peter Lindbergh. It’s done in one shot and is extremely amazing, as is the song.

“This collaboration was born naturally and out of friendship. Peter wanted to capture me in complete honesty and as naturally as possible. Simplicity and emotion being one of the hardest things to achieve, it was only with someone like Peter that I could let my guard down so much. The photos were done first and then came the idea of bringing them to life with ‘a photo that talks to you’. We booked the same studio and with the same crew we shot the Last Party video a few weeks later.
Working and knowing Peter is an honour. He is brilliant but more than anything he is kind. His kindness and devilish spirit find their way through every one of his pictures. When you sit for him and it clicks, you end up learning more about yourself.”


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