Meet will hyde, Australia’s Newest Bedroom Pop Heartbreaker & His Perfect Debut ‘easy for u’

In the two minutes and twenty seconds it takes to listen to the entirety of will hyde‘s debut single, you can immediately connect with an artist who knows what frustration feels like and knows how to turn it into a bop.

easy for u is the debut from the Melbourne 20-year-old, who was one half of the 65-million-stream amassing electronic duo SYDE. Will took the leap to make music on his own and it has immediately paid dividends with an extremely ideal first moment which has the crisp production you’d demand from Troye Sivan, with the vocal strength of a Ruel or Sam Fischer, without imposing on any of those artists’ individuality.

In this conversation you’ll discover an artist who already knows a hell of a lot about himself for twenty years young, and an artist who knows he’s just scraping the tip of the iceberg on this record.

Nic Kelly in bold, will hyde in not-bold.

What do you want people to know about the journey so far and how it’s got you to this, your debut as Will Hyde?

I want people to know the mental journey I’ve been on to get to this point, I think it’s taken me some time to be happy with myself and to love myself. Those things have really been a catalyst for all of this stuff and for being comfortable singing and writing. I think after battling with depression and anxiety, I’m excited for people to find out more about how I’ve dealt with it, because that’s really influenced the music and my perspective on life.

It’s powerful to be at that point already, where you can start talking about it. This song easy for u feels like it talks about a love that’s convenient for one person and not for the other. Someone that’s not giving you back what you are giving to them. Am I on the money with that?

Definitely. I think it’s that awareness – you don’t necessarily have to do anything with it. But just being aware of the situation and having perspective, that’s something I’ve learned and I think maturity brings you an understanding of “this is how it is.” And like, I can still be in a relationship with that person, but it’s just knowing that this is how it is.

Do you find yourself landing in relationships like that quite often? Is it a type?

This song also relates to me on a friendship level, I think. I really like writing with the idea that, like, we feel love in every relationship – whether that’s with your partner, with your friends, or your family. I think that I used to find myself in relationships – say with friends, in particular – where I’d be giving more or where like, one person is doing the most. That’s sort of where I feel, at least today, that song sits with me.

When you’ve got those situations, are you the kind of person that will tackle that and go, “hey, I need you to be better,” or do you just not say anything and write it into a song?!

That’s a really good question, because I think that people don’t really change, so I think that I’ve learned that sometimes it’s better to be like, “I accept you, and I love you as a person, therefore, I don’t think that this is the best for both of us.” I think I’ve sort of figured it out that way and if the relationship really means a lot to me, I will work on it. But I think that sometimes you just have to accept people for who they are and accept that maybe they won’t change the way I want them to. Which is fine.

You’ve got to be the most yourself that you can be, and you’ve got to put into the relationships and the friendships what you want back and just hope.

Yeah, that’s it. I think the toughest thing when we face these things, is to not let it affect us too much and be able to go into the next relationship. Again – romantic or with a friend – and be able to be accept “this could be different this time.” I think like sometimes we carry that baggage into other relationships and it just makes it snowball, really.

Have you been at home more than you normally are recently?

Yeah, I spent time in the States at the start of this year. Last year, I was moving all over, just making songs. So it’s cool to be home with my family and stuff.

How are you with the self motivation thing?

I’m a very driven person, so I find myself sort of pulling back, if anything. I use meditation a lot to do that. I think if anything, I’m trying to give myself more time and be a better friend to myself, because sometimes I really want to be at a certain point in my life, but then I have to remember that it takes time. You’ve just gotta be patient with yourself.

Shit you’ve got some good self-awareness for twenty. Besides meditation, what are the actions you take to be kind to yourself and be good to yourself?

I like having baths. It’s a really simple thing.

Have you got a big bath? Or a small bath?

I use my parents’ one. So it depends on the schedule, I’ve gotta book in early for those ones. I also like doing facials. I really love facials. I haven’t been able to see my skin person, I just love them so much because it makes you feel so good, but I’ve been getting the Coles ones, the $10 ones. It’s just those simple things. Take care of your skin, drink lots of water and also like writing, like, affirmations. I find that sometimes, especially when I’m being creative and I’m in my head, I want to make sure that the thoughts that are going around are positive or at least if I have a negative thought, I’m balancing it with like, “I love myself.”

It’s hard though. It’s hard to get to that point.

It is. It’s a journey.

easy for u is a proper smash. A proper smash. What’s coming after it?

I have a lot of songs. I’ve got a full project coming out towards the end of this year. I was writing so much last year, so I just have a lot of songs that I thankfully really believe in and easy for u is one of those. I’m excited to be able to expand it with each song yet I feel like there will be a point where I don’t have a favourite necessarily and I think that’s the position I want to be in. I’ve got a lot of stuff coming out this year and I’m just excited for people like yourself to hear it.

I know you did this one with MSquared right? The two Michaels?

The two Michaels.

God they’re good. Who else is helping the Will Hyde story come to life?

I’ve been super lucky, dude. I’ve been able to work with some great people, just thinking about it. I’ve been working with Dylan Nash, Fergus James, shouts out to Fergy. Alex Henrickson, I went to New Zealand and worked with Simon Gooding, I worked with Matt Corby towards the end of last year, that was really cool to just sort of like, watch him! I think that we’re always able to learn and I always want to be excited to hop into the studio and learn from these cool people and I definitely have.

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