Marina and the Diamonds is releasing a new album in April. COOL

Full-time primadonna gurl Marina and her diamond disciples have NEW MUSIC! Soon.

“As soon as I’d finished the record and ‘Primadonna’ came out and I went onto that treadmill of working promo, I already knew what I wanted to do with my third record,” Marina said in a chat to The Line Of Best Fit. “I already knew it was going to be completely different.”

She’s battled with depression, she’s been forced to end a relationship – she says the album is much more “reflective”. We just hope there are still some of the top-notch-pop-bangers we’ve grown to love her for.

The album’s called Froot, and it comes out sometime in April next year. We will get a new song each month til then but to tide you over, here’s the title track from the record, which she released a while ago. Frooty.

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