Maddy’s Weekly Wine Down: All of these songs are chill which is just as well because I am too tired to function and the wine is not helping

Before we begin, shout out to the people who make Promised Land wine because it is reasonably priced and literally always good. I highly recommend it. I drink it a lot during these articles. They are not paying me for this, I genuinely endorse their products.

This week I have used songs that I have already heard which is not a thing I like to do but I am tired and sick and they’re all fairly new. They’re also all available for free on Triple J Unearthed which is amazing. Enjoy them xox

Deep Water – Miel

Everything about this song is just cool. Like stand in a dark corner in all black except for your black and white striped turtleneck while sipping on a house red cool. At a fucking jazz club or something.

Rachel (Rachel) – The Cassandras

Take that Ross.

This is so chill and simple and charming and I’m totally into it. I am considerably more into this song than I actually am into the TV show Friends. Not that Friends is a bad show, I just think this is a great song. If you hadn’t figured it out by now this song is about Rachel from Friends.

September – Rhodesia

This is totally captivating. “Electro folk” as a genre always makes me want to yawn but I think Rhodesia’s take on it is actually unique and amazing – and that voice.

Edge Of Town – Middle Kids

Literally everyone and their fucking dog (including Project U) is talking about this song so I’m sorry if you’re sick of hearing about it – but I couldn’t leave it out just in case anyone reading this hasn’t listened yet. This is a debut single, if I could just stress that. Amazing.

Check out Miel, The Cassandras, Rhodesia and Middle Kids. Alsooooo I do this every Sunday/Monday night (usually with more commentary but as I have said I am tired god damn it) so if you want more music you can read the other ones here.

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