Lola Young’s ‘Woman’ Is A Slinky & Perfectly Performed Ode To Women Everywhere

Just a couple of EPs in, Lola Young sounds like she’s been in your ears for your whole life.

A pure and unaffected vocal with the exact amount of restraint and release when it needs it, Lola ascends over a dark synth and keeps soaring as a beat kicks in on Woman, a record that speaks to the empowerment of women everywhere whilst acknowledging that there’s a lot of work we still need to do.

“Woman’ is a song about female empowerment. It’s a song about how I feel towards the patriarchy but also an introspective piece that looks at the gender roles and how these can be broken down. This song means a lot to me because it’s something I had never previously written about and it has an honest vulnerability to it that I hope makes people feel an understanding towards us women.”

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