The Excellent Disco-Pop Belter That Is Last Dinosaurs’ ‘Flying’ Makes Me Want Shitty Clubs Re-Opened Tbh

After covering artists like Jamiroquai, Modjo and Daft Punk in the huge live shows they’ve become very popular for around the globe and sneaking elements of funk and the disco structure into singles like Apollo, the very good Brisbane band Last Dinosaurs have decided to go full unashamed disco belter with their new single Flying.

This song is truly so fucking good. The lead guitarist Lachlan steps to the front again and takes us on a trip through a period of single, zero fucks trashbagness, a six month jaunt to crawl through practically every shitty bar in Europe.

“This formative period of going to euro-dance clubs and trying my luck got me vibing on Nu-Disco again. I can romanticise this period through a cool and corny lens of 90s Nu-Disco and that makes me happy.”

Beyond the obvious Jamiroquai comparisons, this also reminds one (maybe just me) of Change Your Heart by Shave, aka the theme song to the niche noughties teen drama Slide, which was on Fox 8 or some shit when I was in primary school. That’s a song worth rediscovering. Invented dance music.

Anyway, back on topic, I hope the next Last Dinosaurs album is all songs like this. Very obsessed.

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