Lara Andallo Takes Things Delicate And Gorgeous On ‘When The Lights Go Out’

We were very impressed by the mixtape the RnB siren Lara Andallo put out earlier this year but in our conversation with her, realised this was very much, just the beginning.

A little more than two months later that’s been proven. Didn’t think it’d be that quick. When The Lights Go Out, the single that’s out today, is a delicate, filled-out and sophisticated bop that immediately pushes her forward.

It’s about the flood of thoughts you get when you lay in bed. You spend all day being too busy to process things and then when you’re in bed, oh shit, everything’s suddenly at the forefront of your brain.

To have some fun to celebrate the song, Lara’s doing an RnB Girls Night In with three fucking amazing fellow future stars in A.GIRL, Becca Hatch and Ms. Thandi tonight. It’ll be on Instagram live, 7pm AEDT via their own individual accounts. (PS… check out Becca Hatch’s new single too… it’s a slap.)

Have a squiz at the new Lara single below, or on your preferred #platform.

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