Keiynan Lonsdale’s ‘Kiss The Boy’ is the sweet, queer love song we deserve

Additional words by Sarah Jemmeson.

Keiynan Lonsdale has followed up his endlessly delightful single Good Life with Kiss The Boy, another track bursting with heart and pride. Kiss The Boy chronicles Keiynan’s journey to acceptance and love. It’s slower, more R&B moment with really crisp and cute production that matches the song’s sentiment perfectly. It’s a sentiment that is extremely relatable to anyone struggling with being LGBTQ and falling in love for the first time and we are so unbelievably excited for his debut album.

The April Gay Times cover star came out publicly in May last year and recently told the podcast LGBTQ&A that while he doesn’t love labels, he’s settled comfortably on identifying as queer.

“love is a game we deserve to play out loud.”

Keiynan plays one of the possible love interests in Love, Simon (alongside Joey Pollari and angel Miles Heizer). He told Billboard Pride, “The teaser for Love, Simon had dropped on YouTube and then for some reason, I don’t know why, the song ‘Kiss the Girl’ from The Little Mermaid popped up on my feed. I was  like, ‘Oh, that’s so funny. I wonder if I can do a cover of that song, but change it to about a boy?’ It didn’t work, but I was thinking about the Love, Simon trailer and I was really happy. Eventually, I got the hook, ‘If you wanna kiss the boy/ Then you better kiss the boy right now.”

Love, Simon, in Australian cinemas now, is having a profound impact on queer young people and it’s an impact I think this song can have as well.

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