Keelan Mak, EGOISM, Mario Mkyle & This Week’s 9 Best New Bops

Excellent production & unique voices seem to be the theme of this week’s Best New Bops.

#9: Triple One – Butter

Regularly referred to as one of Sydney’s most promising hip-hop things for 2019, Butter feels like the confident offering that could make Triple One an extremely big deal. It’s got an easily boppable chorus, ideal production & smash material written all over it.

#8: HI LIFE – In My Head

Sydney’s new sugary bopsmiths have their second proper single out and it’s very 3am Sidechains vibes.

#7: Shura – BKLYNLDN

The most delicate approach to the tough nuances of long disso relationships in pop music I’ve heard in a while.

#6: The Aston Shuffle – Now Or Never

Ever-reliable Australian house princes The Aston Shuffle have a pretty ideal new single called Now Or Never which in addition to making you instantly tap your toes, has an iconic vocal from UK king Ryan Ashley who they’ve actually worked with before on this perfect bop. Very ideal content.

#5: EGOISM – Enemies

A delightful, dreamy pop song you could listen to literally all day (especially those vocals at the end) by Sydney crew EGOISM, about mental health and how it affects those around you who you love. “I think we’re both too busy criticising ourselves and worrying about what the hell we’re doing with our lives. But when it gets to the point that those thoughts are driving us away from each other, it ends up feeling like the real enemy is inside you. So this song is about desperately communicating all those thoughts to each other.” – Olive from the band.

#4: Mario Mkyle – High School Crush

We found Melbourne kid Mario on this really nice song from last year. He’s 17 (the same age as The Egg Teen you’ll be pleased to know), an extremely big Troye Sivan fan and working on some really personal RnB infused pop music like this, his debut single High School Crush. His vocals on this are really interesting – never sticking to convention yet never lacking confidence. Jam.

#3: Greyson Chance – black on black

The whole Greyson Chance album is a phenomenal pop record and we’ll have a chat to him and write a big thing on it later this week but if you’re time-poor just cop this song. black on black is slinky, hot, shows the falsetto only he can smash & there’s even some really sexy spoken word bits. Amaze.

#2: Alexander 23 – Dirty AF1s

Friend Of The Blog Japanese Wallpaper put us onto the absolutely divine first song from Alexander 23, who comes across on early listen as a more delicate Jon Bellion or Lauv type. The hyper-specificity of his lyrics, the gating on the vocals and the intricacy on the production make this a really intimate listen and a fast window into him. He’s got 153 followers on Twitter so you’re early on this. Congrats.

#1: Keelan Mak – Warm Blooded

Like it’s nobody’s business, Keelan just slides in with a dark, red-wine-soaked, woozy smash with one of the slinkiest choruses of the year so far. This kid is one killer song away from superstar material and I live for it.

And now, some gear we need to catch you up on…

NYNE – I Think You’re

NYNE is becoming one of those artists you can recognise quite quickly. Her voice has personality & the hypnotic non-stop feel of the production she did with Siyoni make this a very exciting moment for her.

Daya – Insomnia

Daya wrote this with Oscar Gorres (responsible for the biggest bops on Troye‘s Bloom album) and with every release it feels like she’s heading closer to her true ‘sound’. Also, big Kylie vibes. Never a bad thing.

Renwick – That’s How It Goes

Renwick is a new psych-pop thing from Sydney that is pumping out songs very fast. He’s 21 and his first few releases were like, slow, band stuff. This is a reaction to those first releases, realising he was probably better making slightly vibier stuff. “The track came about because I had tonsilitis and was bed-bound and couldn’t sing (rehearsals were rough) and when I finally could I was super stoked and got to work. I wrote and recorded it in a manic state over four days, I hardly left my room. The lyrics are about being sad and resounding to that but I guess you could say there’s a sense of optimism, in that the acceptance of the situation seems to help rather than hinder.”

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