JXN’s debut single ‘Solitude’ is a convincing first musical strike

JXN is Jackson Brazier. He is an internet boy who has a very lovely voice, a very lovely personality, and a fucking juggernaut of a fanbase already.

People who know him already from his years as a video maker and likable human know he is a hip-hop fan, so obviously that influence is in his debut single, Solitude.

The song is very lyrically driven. It contains lots of #vocalgymnastics. It is very subdued instrumentally. It lets him tell a story, it’s not overcooked, it’s almost like when you get the toaster perfectly between the 2 & 3 bit. YOU KNOW?

Jacko has a fuckload more music ready to roll but this one’s a real on-repeat moment he’s worked his ass off for.


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