If there is any justice in this world, Abby Wolfe’s ‘Lonely In Company’ will be a smash hit

Look, I tried to do some research about Abby Wolfe for this article, but all I could really find for you is that she’s from New Zealand. That being said, her new single, Lonely In Company, is INCREDIBLE so with any luck you’ll be hearing a lot more about her soon.

Lonely In Company hits hard without being over the top. It opens immediately with the song’s chorus, but with one subtle and yet monumentally impactful adjustment. I don’t mean to get too technical here, people, but that first chorus has some kind of highpass or similar filter that cuts all of the lower end out of Abby’s voice. As a result, our first impression of her vocal is one of light, breathy, bubblegum-style pop. When the first verse enters with a (presumably) less processed vocal, I was shocked to hear how full and rich the tone of her voice was.

Songs that open with the chorus are great at grabbing the listener’s attention immediately, but can sometimes get boring by the end. With this slight adjustment, the song still goes off right out of the gate, and the second chorus is much more powerful when the more soulful elements of her vocal are reintroduced.

Alright, enough technical nonsense. The point is, Lonely In Company is a really excellent pop moment with interesting lyrical and melodic content from a new and exciting artist. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more content from Abby – I’m willing to bet she’s just getting started.

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