Just Shy Wants To Take You Back To A Club, In Your Mind At Least, With ‘Consumed By A Beat’

We’ve been consistently watching the work of a Melbourne singer called Just Shy over the last little while, a singer who seems to encapsulate the feeling of the middle of the night with extreme smarts.

Releasing at the perfect time for a Melbourne artist to make a song about the club, JS’s new single is called Consumed By A Beat – and the singer who references Donna Summer, Tame Impala & Britney as cornerstones of his sound has this to say.

With Consumed By A Beat I wanted to capture those moments of euphoria and catharsis that hit you when the right music is playing in a club and you get completely swept up in it. For me, that music could range from pure pop like Love At First Sight, right through to deep house.

We’re obviously still in lockdown here in Melbourne, so clubbing feels like a distant memory. Hopefully as a minimum the track invokes some vivid memories of past nights out!

Sure does. Get consumed below.

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