Josef Salvat’s video for ‘Open Season’ is the most hilarious video of 2015.

Think about everything you hate about music videos, right.

Are you sick of pensive-looking-out-to-water-from-beaches?

Are you sick of girls in bikinis for no reason looking REALLY COLD?

Are you sick of unnecessary shower sex scenes?

Are you sick of shitty behind-the-scenes videos?

Are you sick of gratuitous party scenes and ‘money-shots’?

Josef Salvat is. So his video for the criminally under-appreciated Open Season has absolutely all of them in it.

“Over the past two years I’d had so many ideas for a video for this song. But none of them would take root deeply enough. It got to a point where I’d wake up each day convinced that yesterday’s idea was the one to go with, that today’s idea was too clichéd/too niche, trying too hard/too basic, too grandiose/too boring… I started to wonder why any of this mattered. It’s just a music video, not a national budget.”

What a man.

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