Josef Salvat’s ‘modern anxiety’ Explores Such An Idea Rather Well

Australia’s most underrated pop export Josef Salvat has forever been Our King of contrasting his serious, thrilling, heavy pop music by taking the absolute piss out of the subject matter and his good self, in his videos.

Sydney-raised but London-based Josef’s modern anxiety is his first new single in more than three and a half years. She’s about…

“The most mundane daily struggles. The rinse and repeat of high nights and low days. The numbing balm of the endless scroll. The quiet horror of the morning after a breakup. A little anthem for accepting life’s frequent inertia and the things you can’t control. A celebration of all that is modern life. “I think they call this modern anxiety…”

You could argue the “social media is taking over our lives!!!” subject has been explored heavily in the last few years of pop but the wake-up-and-scroll mentality, the mindless absorption of too much content, and the subconscious anxiety it threads into our brains are more present dangers than ever.

Especially whilst TikTok exists.

The video, directed by the guys behind the vertical-only ABC Content series, continue leading the 9:16 charge with a video designed to be absorbed like the shit you scroll through daily. With nods you’ll spot to Amy Winehouse, Alanis Morisette, Coldplay, Madonna and Björk videos, the track is the anxious morning-after memories that will ring a loud bell.

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