Jared Gelman struggles with queer identity and perceptions on ‘Never Know What It’s Like’

The music video for new artist Jared Gelman’s Never Know What It’s Like sees Jared coming to terms with his queer identity and the perceptions of it by the world around him.

Talking to Billboard, Jared described the inspiration for the track, “Over time, having a polarizing identity forced me to live a lot of my life ready to defend myself on a daily basis. For years, I was always on edge, waiting to see what people were going to say when I would go out in public — not because I care what people think about me, but more out of the concern for my safety. I’m very good at putting on a confident front, but when I’m alone and reflecting, I don’t always feel so triumphant in the face of adversity.”

The track really shines in the bridge, where I’m sure many queer people will find something to relate to.

Walk in a room they turns heads
News says they want me dead
It’s not in my head
And it needs to be said
They hate what they fear
My mission’s so clear
I’m an enigma
Trapped by the stigma
I’ll fight until I’m frozen or comatose
I’m gonna fight this dysmorphic episode
I’ll fight it until I’m frozen or comatose
I’m gonna this dysmorphic episode

The track is emotional and dark, but for Jared there is hope in solidarity, “I want it to show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I want to remind anyone who feels different that they will eventually find their own tribe.”

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