BOW DOWN BITCHES: Isaac Dunbar’s Most Instant Hit Yet Is ‘Makeup Drawer’, His Stomper Of A New Single

This blog aims to steer clear of discussing age because we truly don’t believe it should be a barrier to the quality of music people create.

But. We need to make an exception. The quantity of quality that Isaac Dunbar has released at age sixteen (he’ll be seventeen next month) is truly phenomenal and particularly interesting, not rivalled, really. Billie Eilish is an easy ~young person making music~ comparison but she didn’t have this quantity of good gear out by 16.

Let’s put age to one side and discuss this SONG. THIS SONG!!!! Oh how she slaps! I had Isaac placed in my ‘sad anthemic bops’ world but I have realised he is capable of so much more! Today’s delivery is a bop of epic proportions. Huge, stabbing synths in the major key, fat drums across the song and vocals tuned to within an inch of their life. This is a proper dance-pop belter, 2020 style.

Lyrically – without hearing from Isaac what this is about it feels like an acknowledgement of the role of femininity in his world and the attempts to suppress it in the past.

Until we know, listen to the artist sing his truth.

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