Introducing: The Deep Blue’s ‘Sleep In’, an 80s tinged pop anthem about typical teenage life

If you’re in need of a breath of fresh pop air, The Deep Blue‘s new single is going to sort you.

They’re a Central Coast band led by an amazing mind in Blake Wares, who’s produced their glistening, breezy and intoxicating new anthem to being a typical young person in Australia, going through the motions.

He’s written some beautiful words you can read below explaining the feeling behind it a bit better than I could. But this song is an addictive gem from an exciting new force.

Sleep In was written whilst reminiscing on recent, yet what felt like ‘distant teenage memories’ that were not only to be held onto, but cherished.

I have lived and still feel like I am living the typical teenage dream. Trying new things, driving cars, parties, drugs, sex, and all the fucked up stuff that comes in between. It was only a year out of school that an illusion of “crisis” hit me. Call it the ‘fear of missing out’ or me being a materialistic Central Coast snob… But watching my friends and peers get full time jobs, fall pregnant, move out of home, and some even dying led me to a conclusive attitude.

That as teenagers we take part in doing what’s always been done, regardless of why. This song is a very sarcastic expression of exactly that, almost as if I wrote it rolling my eyes… All though the lyrics are very conversational and directed at specific situations, the idea that addiction, love & pure shame is what most of us young civil life lovers are made of and ‘we’re proud of it!’ still remains.

As kids we are all just the same. This song is an anthem that I hope one day can represent that in a way.. not only to just me, but billions of other people that are desperately afraid of the mundane life.

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