Oh, hey there. Happy Tuesday! We’ve got some new muzak for you, courtesy of a beautiful new Melbourne artist called Tanzer.

Well, kind of new. Tanzer is the new moniker for Hayley (who was from London/Melbourne duo Twincest); this new side project is a place for her to have total creative control and really express herself through fresh solo material. And the name? It’s Hayley’s mum’s maiden name, which is pretty clever!

Anyway, so Tanzer’s just released a single and it’s excellent and fascinating and fresh and sassy and would you like any more adjectives?

‘That’s Why, Darling’ is super theatrical, very film noir-ish and just generally pleasant to listen to. Wonderfully produced by Angus Leslie of Sex On Toast infamy, this début single speaks for itself, really. Give it a spin and prepare to have a new girl crush.

If you a) love her and b) live in Melbourne, you can see Tanzer at Melbourne Music Week later this month with beautiful people like Ella Hooper. Details are here; if you don’t go you may just be a misguided fool.

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