INTRODUCING: Swedish guy Gabriel Gassi’s hip-hop tinged debut pop single ‘Street Phone’

Gabriel Gassi‘s the latest in a long line of Swedes this blog is fucking obsessed with.

Street Phone is a massive way to jump out of the starting blocks – a really intoxicating, but still kinda fun, hip-hop tinged pop gem about “orange summer night skies and desolate streets in a city quietly resting in industrial vacation”, Gabe reckons.

“People are out of town and companies send automatic out-of-office e-mails. Your last pennies were spent on a brand new cell phone which now is malfunctioning and you can’t call your friends but it’s okay ’cause you can go out and make new ones.”

Intense. Street Phone is already viral on Spotify in Europe & copped a play on Nova in Australia over the weekend.

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