Introducing: RARIA’s ‘Will You Tell Your Girlfriend?’, An Ideal Pop Debut About Feeling Like A Homewrecker

It’s always a good time when an artist comes straight out of the gates with a bonafide bop.

RARIA – the new project by Melbourne singer Rachel Costanzo – emerges immediately with a polite, deeply caring, and really well written bop called Will You Tell Your Girlfriend?

The song is a part-apology, part-unapology based on an IRL experience of travelling and meeting someone who already has a partner.

“I didn’t find out until after we took things to the next level. I felt terrible but at the same time, I wouldn’t change a single thing that happened. I was just hoping that after all the drama he caused, I would at least be worth telling the truth for.”

It’s produced by the gun NZ producer Rory Noble – which is possibly why it’s got a similar energy to a fellow NZ act in Woke Up Late by Drax Project?

Regardless – a great start for RARIA.

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