Introducing: Peach, The Emerging Pop & TikTok Superstar Making Hyperpop For The Next Generation

If you spend any time at all on TikTok you’ve probably seen the pink-haired heart-on-sleeve legend that is Adelaide’s Peach – or peachprc – pop up from time to time.

She’s raw, unfiltered, often adorned in glitter and a rainbow of some description and also, can write a bop.

With only two songs officially released, a tonne of short but smart songs on her TikTok – we thought it was optimum to get inside her brain early and understand where this open book comes from.

Nic Kelly in bold, Peach in not-bold.


lots of people asked for this and i did it once but everyone said it was too sad haha so here we go 🥰 @sophhiiiiie the marbles song

♬ original sound – peachprc

I saw on your Twitter that you are nervous for this chat.

I saw that you saw! I was like, dammit!

It’s nice to meet the face behind the TikToks and behind the music. There’s a lot of mystery about you, Peach. What do you want to tell people that may have seen a TikTok here or there, or have heard one of the songs, what do you want them to know about you?

That’s hard. I’m just doing what I want to do. I’m having fun. Like, anything that they do see of me, is coming from a place of being genuine and just enjoying it. So any music I make, I’m loving doing it having fun, any TikToks they see, I’m just having a good time.

So there’s no kind of sinister plan behind all of this, is there?

No! I’m actually really lucky that any of this is even happening to begin with. Like this is all really surreal.

In Colourblind, you mention that you only have four notes in your brain. Is that true?

I was just getting frustrated because he was like, “just do a run on it…” and I was like, okay, but then he was sitting there and the instrumental was going for so long, I was like, that’s all I know! I’ve already done the same four notes over and over!

But that’s kind of how it works in this world of ‘hyper-pop’ stuff. It’s about keeping it simple and clean and keeping it really accessible. This music, I think of Charli, I think of 100 Gecs, lil aaron, Kim Petras… Who are the people inspiring your musical taste Peach?

Pretty much all the ones you just listed! They’re all my favourite artists. I love people like Slayyyter and Bladee and a lot of the hyper-pop. It just reminds me of like, 2007, like MySpace music.

Were you a MySpace girl?

I actually wasn’t, it was like a little bit before me. I was too young. But I had MSN and all that kind of stuff. My sister had it and I was always so jealous. She went through this like, goth phase and it was sick.

Well the Peach aesthetic is very bubblegum, but there’s a bit of a kind of emo undertone to it, isn’t there?

Definitely! I think I was just super influenced by the stuff that I used to listen to I guess. But I just want to be bubblegum and pop.


no i am not open to constructive criticism at this time

♬ original sound – peachprc

We’ve talked about all the the artists that are influencing you these days, but who were the early ones that you gravitated towards? Who were your first kind of musical loves.

Avril Lavigne was my first ever, like, I was obsessed with her like, she was my favourite. And then, when I was a bit older, it was people like Kesha, Lady Gaga, like all the pop queens and Ariana Grande and all that. I still love them. But yeah, they were the ones that influenced me growing up.

We’ve got two songs so far. What is coming from you musically?

I’ve got a lot of songs that I’ve been writing and there’s a couple of people that I’m really excited to work with, like, some people that I look up to and that I’ve been listening to, they might want to work on a track… I’m not sure what I can say about it… but yeah, I’m really excited. I’ve got lots of songs written, I’ve just gotta get some demos going and then it should take off from there, I’m hoping!



♬ Blondes – peachprc

Has music always been your thing, or has it been a recent thing you’ve built since all the TikTok stuff started smashing it?

I’ve always done music. Music’s like, the thing I’ve always wanted to do and I’ve been writing since I was little. I used to do like, talent shows and perform, like I’ve always loved doing music. And then I started doing TikTok because like, I was manic and needed somewhere to yell! I needed some way to get all my thoughts out of my head and I was like, “oh, now that I have all these followers here, I can start putting my music out here,” and people were confused because they had no idea that I did music, even though it came first.

Has the creativity side of things changed in the last couple of months?

I think I’ve been a lot more creative! I mean I wasn’t really doing anything before the lockdown anyway. I wasn’t really doing much. But yeah, I’ve had a lot of time to just sit and write and yeah, now that I’ve been inspired by everyone on TikTok supporting me, it makes me want to do more and write more music. I’ve been doing these little songs on TikTok, like just little in-between stuff and people really like those. It’s been really fun to see.

Tell me about those.

They’re a bit more like, little acoustic songs that I probably wouldn’t make into a thing… but now people really like them so maybe I will do a proper demo of it? I just love writing. Like I write songs all the time every day. Whenever I get a cool little idea that I don’t want to make into a full song I just put a little one minute thing of it on TikTok but, but every time I do, people are like “RELEASE THIS I LOVE THIS!”


Reply to @kennys_kitchen35 i know it’s not exactly what you asked but i wanted it to still be positive 💖

♬ taking up space – peachprc

How do you decide whether it’s gonna be a short little fun bit or whether you can actually put it to the side and work on it some more and make it into a full thing? What’s the decision process like?

I really love pop music and I love music that people can dance to and jump around to and that makes them feel excited, so I try and do more of those songs, at least for now. And then when I’m just like, feeling emo, and I just want to like, write some lyrics down and make a little song, I’ll put those ones on TikTok. But now I don’t know. Because people really like those ones. So maybe I will. I’ll just do all of them.

That’s the thing with TikTok, right, you’re getting such instant reactions from everyone. You’re getting such an instant connection with people. Is that kind of scary sometimes, getting that feedback within seconds of putting a song up?

Yeah, it’s really nerve wracking but everyone’s really, really positive and really supportive. I feel like it’s very wholesome and really sweet. I really don’t get much criticism or hate on things.

Is that a TikTok thing do you think? It feels like it’s become this really positive, affirming platform, where there’s not as much bullying as on Twitter and stuff?

Yeah, see, I thought so. Because that’s been my experience. It’s pretty rare that I get hate. But then I’ve seen like a lot of other creators and some of my friends and stuff they do a bit of hate for some things. I think it’s dependent on your content, depending on your kind of niche area, you can get some toxic people that find your stuff, but I’ve been really lucky, I think.

For people that are now in love with you, what are you allowed to tell people about what is coming next for Peach?

I’ve written a whole bunch of songs, there’s plenty that I’m gonna try and record and that’s it. But I just don’t know! I don’t know, like I’m not sure what’s actually happening. So I don’t want to say in case it’s not, but I definitely am recording a bunch of new songs. That’s definitely happening!

Are you kind of chill about what comes next?

Yeah, I mean it definitely does matter to me, like I do care about it a lot, but at the same time I really am just grateful for as far as I’ve gotten now. I’m happy with this! Anything on top of that, it’s just a bonus. I just am really enjoying making music and TikToks!

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