INTRODUCING: Millie Turner is about to be pop’s next big thing and everyone should be listening

At just 17 years old, London’s Millie Turner has put out one of the best pop debuts in recent memory. Her new EP, Eyes on You, is a sparkling exhibition of introspective, melancholy, and yet somehow euphoric electropop.

Deftly considering a wide range of topics across the EP’s four tracks, Millie’s lyricism easily takes center stage on this release. Opening track Underwater, written in the wake of Trump’s presidential election, is an ode to youthful hope and resilience. In the EP’s second half, You and I tackles the concept of true love, culminating with one of the project’s most poignant lines: “You and I standing in the rain, the sky is dripping down from your face / Everyone is trying to get away, but we’re just standing still“.

Closing track The Shadow is a clear standout, and features one of the most brilliant spoken-word pop moments in recent memory. The whole thing is unified by a minimalistic production approach rooted in throbbing synths and falsetto vocals, and the result is absolutely mesmerizing.

Millie tackles being a young person in this sociopolitical moment with a special kind of intimacy and ruthlessness that aligns her with artists like Lorde and Billie Eilish. Although their music doesn’t sound particularly similar, I think Millie is an exciting young voice that is perfectly poised to have that same success. She’s passionate and accessible and interesting, and that kind of energy is exactly what pop music needs right now.

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