INTRODUCING: Karl-Christoph, an honest songwriter with a uniquely Australian edge

I’m in a shit mood. I’m texting a dude who’s been a bit of a fuckboi (hi brenny) and he tells me to listen to some lad named Karl Christoph. Apparently I’ll like him. Alright.

I see a song called Melbourne and I’m like okay, I’ve been there, let’s give this a go. There’s a guitar there and it pretty much perfectly matches how I feel right now. Old mate’s voice comes over the top and it’s superbly intimate and local, it kind of sounds like Allday when he’s just having a chat, and he talks about a trip from his hometown of Sydney to our Victorian counterparts.

Honest, simplified songwriting at it’s finest, with a few unexpected perks here and there. This is really lovely and I think you should watch out for this guy.

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