Introducing: The Bubblegum Brilliance Of JËVA’s Dramatic New Single ‘Typhoon’

We hate doing comparisons on this blog but when we receive an email from an artist who feels their brand is “Troye meets Maggie meets K-Pop girl group,” we’re going to take a look.

Glad we did.

After a year of being the self-proclaimed ‘coffee b*tch’ for musicians at songwriting camps in Melbourne and dropping music that was lowkey, somewhat acoustic and true to his roots, JËVA is now ready for chapter two – a bombastic and confidently developed revelation of growing into his sexuality and his identity as a queer person of colour.

Typhoon is the single we’re premiering today – a glittery, chaotic and theatrically told story of falling in love with a friend… albeit accidentally.

“Typhoons are natural disasters, they don’t have an agenda. They just go where they go and destroy whatever’s in their path. That’s how I felt about suddenly falling for my friend of 5 years. He was definitely not trying to woo me but somehow.. one random day something just changed.. And I was fucked.”

JËVA wrote and did the initial production structure on Typhoon in his bedroom, before sending the final touches to be done by a pal in Hungary. This partnership’s going to continue to grow throughout 2020, with a six-track mini album he’ll dripfeed as the year progresses, which JËVA says is “a chronological documentation of the falling out with a friend, with unrequited heartbreak & coming out of the closet as bonus highlights”.

It’s a bit cheeky, it’s got tonnes of personality and it’s a damn fun, fabulous pop experience. Get amongst it.

Typhoon is out Friday April 10 everywhere, you can pre-save it here.

Pic at the top: Ash Lim

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