INTRODUCING: Favorite Child & Erik Rapp’s ‘Just Wanna Belong’

File this one under ‘Things Nathan Will Be Jealous I Found First,” because Sweden has placed one of its greatest pop moments of the year to date on the internet.

Favorite Child, whilst I’m writing this, have 17 likes on Facebook. Oh shit, I just made it 18. They’re a production duo working across Stockholm & Berlin on songs with Tove Lo, Icona Pop and Erik Hassle, according to Ultimate Music. They’ve now gone out on their own artist project, and thank FUCK they have.

The group feels like a kinda Swedish variation on The Knocks, picking a prime vocalist in Erik Rapp to bang on over a driving piece of guitar and horn-led production. The trumpets are played by a man named , you’ll be pleased to hear.

“We have an almost childish approach to putting songs together that really defines our style,” the band reckon. “As musicians, we reached the point where we no longer care about what’s expected from us. It’s part of ‘why don’t we try this, might sound cool?’ and part ‘fuck you we won’t do what you tell us’. It’s sort of like the rebel and the mad scientist in perfect harmony.”

This is a major hit. 2:00 onwards? That’s some serious fire. Also Erik Rapp marry me thanks.

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