INTRODUCING: Evangeline (finally), and her explosive single ‘My Kingdom’

I was in Geelong on the weekend. Lovely place.

Evangeline is from Geelong, but she won’t be there for long.

We were put onto her by a publicist quite a while ago actually, but we opted not to run the first song she put out because the release date was a bit confusing and all. It was called CHEMICVL tho. But far out, we’re not missing this one. Evangeline has arrived.

My Kingdom is a song she just dropped this morning on Hillydilly – further asserting how perfect the direction Australian pop music is heading. Her voice recalls some of what we recently heard on the Halsey album & the production is unpredictable, explosive and manic.

Her collaborators for the music she’s releasing include Countbounce (recently famed for Troye Sivan‘s FOOLS), Jan Skubiszewski (he’s on this one) and one of the blokes from Amity Affliction. What a combo.

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