Introducing: ELIO, The LA Popstar Who’s Put Her First Two Singles Out In The Last Six Weeks & They’re Both 10s

Normally a just-launching popstar will put one song out, wait for it to catch fire, then maybe start thinking about the next one but for ELIO, the LA-based Welsh artist who’s being sort of ‘mentored’ by Charli XCX, she’s letting the music do the building for her.

In the past six weeks, her debut and its follow-up have both arrived with excellent music videos to boot, and most importantly, the songs are exceptional.

My Friends Online came out smack bang in the middle of March and it’s hard to ignore the Charli energy. But it’s got something else. It’s more desperate, her voice yearns, and the song feels like it needs to exist rn.

Last week we got the fascinating and increasingly frenetic Body Language, another currently relevant track about essentially having to date over text, read through the lines and add the context you know of the person’s reactions, to the words on your phone screen.

There’ll be times where one of us makes a joke that’ll land in person but because we can’t see the emotion that’s behind it, it gets misinterpreted to be something it’s not over text. That, along with just generally being separated by time and space, I think, can be a massive strain on a relationship and it takes a lot of energy and emotion to figure out. ‘Body Language’ is me assessing that and trying to understand it….over a four to the floor dance track.”

Icon shit.

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