Introducing: Devon, An Exciting New UK Thing You’ll Like If You Like That Declan McKenna Type Of Gear

I’ve been using this Devon song to make my day better since I got sent it a couple of weeks ago, but always end up too lost in its excellence to write it up on the blog so here’s me doing that.

Devon. In Australia, we know that’s a sort of coagulated ham product made from the hoofs of pigs that Mum used to give me in a sandwich probably four times a week? In England, it’s a young superstar with lots of swagger who’s grown up in the middle of fucking no-where (technically, a place called Forest Of Dean where they shot an ever so small amount of Harry Potter.)

Devon’s song TRUST ISSUES is a big, sharp guitar pop belter that appears to feature a banjo on top of the other excellently produced work in the chorus and I’ve only noticed that after two weeks of listening.

Originally written during the breakdown of a personal relationship, the video gives the lyrics universal meaning by featuring disturbing imagery of state surveillance, mass meat production (HELLO DEVON), atomic war, capitalism, deforestation, fossil fuels, big pharma, blood diamonds and more JOYOUS pictures. Check it out!

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