INTRODUCING: Cash+David and their song Bones

Cash + David. Sounds like some old country band your weird great uncle would put on during Christmas afternoon when everyone’s in a food and wine coma, yeah?


Cash+David, aptly named after heroes (Johnny) Cash and David (Bowie), is a collaboration project between Liz Lawrence and Tim Ross, and it is nothing short of brilliant. They’ve been around since early this year (how did we miss this?!) but today just released their third single Bones….and their true identities. Before now they’ve been playing the mystery card, releasing everything anonymously, but now their little secret’s out and we can appreciate Lawrence’s criminally smooth, sexy voice in all its glory. Liz Lawrence, if you weren’t aware, is a solo artist from the UK, but has recently been recording and touring with none other than Bombay Bicycle Club. You know the female vocals on their absolute top number one banger Luna? That’s Liz!

Anyway the track’s called Bones – it’s sort of what you’d expect if Snakadaktal had hung around for a couple more years and really got all grown-up, then maybe had a cheeky affair with Etta James‘ voice.

This whole ‘mystery artist’ thing has got us thinking, though – it seems to be a trend at the moment. Apart from Cash+David, we recently did some ~investigative journalism~ and found out that Cold Clinical Love is members of Jinja Safari and YesYou, and also Hopium. We have no idea who is in Hopium, apart from ex-Snakadaktal babe Phoebe Lou who did a guest spot with them. The only clues we’ve been given are ‘Australian singer’ and ‘male’ but stay tuned – we will get to the bottom of this dire and pressing issue.

For now? Enjoy Cash+David.

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