Indiana’s ‘Paper Cut’ is a seductively dark return to pop

You may remember Indiana (real name Lauren Henson) from her 2015 breakout smash hit Solo Dancing, which peaked at No. 14 in the UK that year. After over three years of radio silence, her sophomore album Not Girlfriend Material was released this week with barely a whisper.

It’s unclear to me what caused such a long absence, or why such little promotion surrounded this album, but I found Paper Cut in Popjustice’s weekly roundup (shoutout Peter Robinson you’re an icon), and it definitely stood out among the current crop of releases. Frankly I have no clue if this is even a single or not, but it’s great.

Paper Cut wins the bronze medal for songs-with-metaphors-involving-paper-related-injuries contest, with gold and silver of course going to Zedd and Troye Sivan’s Papercut and Illy and Vera Blue’s Papercuts, respectively. Indiana‘s track features a grooving bassline and sultry, enticing vocals that remind me why I was a fan of hers in the first place. It’s nice to hear from Indiana again, and hopefully this garners the same attention as Solo Dancing did: it’s definitely worthy.

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