I had a think back to where my music taste came from.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about music. Specifically, what chain of events have led me to listen to the music that I currently do now. I guess there are a few points in my life that I can pinpoint, beginning with my dad. Ever since I can remember (2003) I’ve had music playing around me. Some of it I enjoyed, some of it I can say I did not. My dad recently played Belle and Sebastian‘s album Dear Catastrophe Waitress and asked me if it was still one of my favourite albums. I told him it was (because it is a masterful album). He first showed me that album in 2003, when I was aged 5. And I think that’s pretty cool.

I also grew up listening to a lot of Aussie hip hop. I have 2 memories of triple j from my younger years, my first being that I heard A-Punk by Vampire Weekend and triple j describing it as a goth-surf Short Stack (which I’m not sure whether it’s more impressive if they did say that or I just thought of that myself). But my most vivid memory is listening to Drapht‘s Falling on Triple J aged 10 (2008) and falling in love. That was what helped to shape me musically.

Fast forward a few years, many hip-hop albums later, and we arrive around late 2012. At this point I was trying to stop listening to so much hiphop, and actually expand beyond listening to the same Hilltop Hoods and Hopsin albums everyday. I guess I owe this next part to friends of mine. I started listening to San Cisco, a band that for many people like me out there was the first real band I listened to. And the first concert I attended. That went some way to cementing the music I was going to listen to up until today.

2013, however, was the real turning point. Having discovered some of my favourite bands (Sticky Fingers, The Smith Street Band, FIDLAR) it was definitely a year of me trying to work out what I was listening to. And in part I was validated by a Year 12 at my school who I am sure has no idea who I am (incidentally, I saw him at a shopping centre late last year wearing a Ceres tshirt.)

There’s a perception that I think is a common one that no-one else really listens to the music you do. Which I am certainly guilty of. So when I see this dude rocking a FIDLAR denim jacket and playing a (very terrible) cover of Cheap Beer at Battle of the Bands, it made me feel a part of things. A lot of the bands I listen to now I remember overhearing him talk about prior to me actually discovering these bands.

So there. That’s where I am today. Hopefully that was interesting. Hit us up with your own story @projectudottv


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