Holiday Sidewinder & PBO’s ‘Born On The Wind’ is a tropical holiday for your ears

Earlier in the year we told you to watch out for a lady named Holiday Sidewinder who was about to do some huge things. As the ex singer of Bridezilla, Holly has spent the last year or so in the UK getting her pop-chops ready and has now plonked her second song on the internet, a collaboration with PBO.

The first release on new label Personal Best Records, Born On The Wind is a dance-pop gem that sounds like it could easily fit on a Crystal Fighters album or maybe even a Van She one.

Holiday kind of plagiarised the words of the chorus, but it’s a gorgeous story as to how, so that’s okay. “”Born on the wind, by the wrath of the sea, under the sky’s infinity,” came about because just before last Christmas, she was given an amazing gift; the only ring from her Grandfather to her Grandmother, inscribed with those words and the year “1966”. She says it was “an incredibly rare insight into the intimacy of their relationship, especially considering she has only ever known them to be separated”.

So nice. This lady’s going to do some big things. She’s so stunning in voice, personality and looks.

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