HipTop #1: Our favourite Aus hip-hop & rap songs of the week from 360, Freeds & HVNCOQ

As a pop blog we often find hip-hop inspired songs that aren’t ~~~~on brand~~~~ for us. But we want to show you that we like them! So here is a thing we’re going to do. It is called HipTop. Mainly because it reminds me of the wonderful HipTop phones we had in like 2008, and because these are the best new hip-hop sorta songs we’ve found this week.

HVNCOQ – Out Of My Mind

This is a debut single from a Melbourne kid called HVNCOQ – he’s just signed to the WVS record label after spending some time now as one half of the soul duo ESESE.

Out Of My Mind came together when HVNCOQ met producer Mat/Matix at a Melbourne club one night, realised they were both going to be in the same part of LA the week after, met up there and made a song about being lead on and the progression of emotions you go through after that realisation.

There’s a heavenly amount of colour in the video, the artwork and most importantly, the song. It’s a bubbly, hook-heavy hip-hop song and check out the GIANT TEDDY in the video. Iconic. This kid is very exciting, very addictive and apparently there’s “a few more singles” to come before an “early 2018” EP release.

Freeds – I’m Not Sure

I heard a Freeds EP like four years ago and today he’s back with a song that combines incredible joy with a bit of psychedelia and an overall sense of chill reflection.

I’m Not Sure is a brilliant step forward from an artist with a very exciting vision.

360 – Drugs

The 360 album is really fucking good. He’s in his best place ever, and he’s shown in one album that he can rap to an incredible degree – just as well as he can write a pop song. Drugs is the perfect melting pot of those. The chorus is addictive (probs the wrong word tbh) and the verses deal with some heavy shit in an approachable, melodic tone.

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