Sydney Duo HI MOTIVE Are Making Properly Exciting & Anthemic House-Pop Music

Born from a dorm at UNSW and perfected over the last five years, there’s a duo called HI MOTIVE we would like you to get your ears around, because the music is very good.

The songs are rather dark – with lots of sad chords and hard synths – but there’s a real light in the pace and energy, and the simply anthemic way they write them, particularly realised on this new song called Free Me.

Free Me looks at the “a once-held feeling of freedom and liberation during a time of uncertainty,” which is quite a relatable thing isn’t it.

Lots of woah-ohs, a bit of a SAFIA feel (they just signed to the same Australian booking agency so expect some shows together at some point) and just genuinely fucking good songwriting.

HI MOTIVE, we are here for u.

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