HI LIFE, Donatachi & Fresh Hex: How these 3 artists made the most magical pop of the week

Charli XCX has just skipped away from Australia and left behind a whole lot of inspired young local producers, three of whom have opted to put their big glittery pop things on the internet in the last seven days.

What’s common amongst them is really obvious hooks, production that is always turning a new corner & a great love of pop conventions.

I will now show you their works.


Dramatic prince Donatachi has gotten back with Rosebud Leach, the extremely good singer & writer he made the first song I found him on, Bubblegumwith for a song that includes the lyric “I feel like a lemon, sour not sweet”.


Sydney kids Tom & Harry put an instant earworm out a couple of years ago when I decided I was going to be a PC Music club rat who got into vaporwave 3 years late, and now they’re all big time and signed to Future Classic etc etc. This song is called Slide. It is extremely good, it’s actually kinda dark and a bit emoshe at times but Harvie‘s sweet ass vocal is to die for.


This one’s out today. I think it’s a very special thing when an artist develops the confidence to start using their own vocals in their music & really expressing their words through their own mouth. I remember Japanese Wallpaper doing it and being really proud. I remember hearing Alex Hope sing for the first time on Troye Sivan‘s Blue and nearly bawling. Bajillionaire just started doing it. And I’m Gone is the first song Fresh Hex has hopped on the mic for, and it sounds divine. There’s almost two voices within him competing for space – there’s this lighter one that drives the majority of the song and a more sinister, masculine layer that drives certain words home & sings the bridge. THE BRIDGE. Can we talk about the bridge. Some of the best delivery in bridge history.

If this music’s your kinda vibe, get Donatachi here, HI LIFE here, and Fresh Hex here. They’re all playing shows soon. I think.

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