Here’s some ~cool~ Aussie bands to check out at BIGSOUND

Well well well.
It’s that time of year again, where people flock to the rolling hills (?) and golden plains (??) of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley for what is essentially the biggest muzak conference in the Southern Hemisphere. Or something like that.

So we pooled our beautiful, talented writers to give us their picks of the best acts from the 150-strong lineup. There’s something for everyone here, from punk to hip-hop and I’m kind of jiggling up and down from excitement because WHAT A GROUP OF BANDS.

If you’re still keen on getting to BIGSOUND to indulge in the quite frankly overwhelming amount of great Australian music, tix are here so snap ’em up!

“They are sick.” our writer Lauren says by way of reasoning. But LO AND BEHOLD she was right. The Adelaide punk rock m8s are full of energy, full of catchy melodies and full of good old-fashioned shouty fun.

I mean he’s given his Facebook cover photo a little speech bubble that makes it look he’s he’s saying “flaccid willy”, which is a Classic Gag tbh. What more reason do you need to love him? “Literally a ticking time bomb, will explode v soon” says Nikki – and she’s right, too. Sweet hip-hop tunes from someone who is way too good to be 18.

High Tension
Tom says “High Tension are scary and rad, and Karina is one of the best frontpersons in Australia” – sums it up really doesn’t it. They’ve played with people like Cancer Bats and DZ Deathrays so get on them if thrasher’s your thaaaang.

“She’s just signed to Universal and her single’s just dropped and she’s totally amazing” says Project U Overlord Nic, who knows his shit more than anyone ever, tbh. Keep an eye out on JOY, the 17 year-old one gal band who’s going to blow up SO soon.

“The only folk artist Project U will ever cover” says Nic Kelly, an obvious and long-standing fan of banjo paraphernalia. Top notch singer-songwriter-y bizniz from 21 year-old Gordi is well worth a listen even if you think a Mumford and Sons harmony is in fact the music of Satan.

Brisbane. Punk. Badass gal singer. “the kind of band to rip your heart out at a live show then write about it on their next song,” Ben says. Let’s test that theory at BIGSOUND shall we.

“I’ve heard these guys are pretty popular, some say they are the reason many people are going to the festival. I guess you could call them the…drawcard” – Dylan Moore, Project U Pun King (now disowned)

“Glam-pop that is super fun and completely unpretentious,” says Jake. The Melbourne band have thumpin’ basslines to rival the Black Keys, but it’s their psych-ey, spacey vocals that give them their magic.

Sex on Toast
These guys are my pick. I’m writing this très hungover from seeing them play last night, in fact. I don’t know exactly what happened; I just have vague memories of tearing through Melbourne in the early hours of the morning under the false illusion I’d make the last train home. Sex On Toast have white sequined costumes, approximately six hundred band members and non-stop 11/10 dorky suave funk jams. I want nothing more from my life.

Tempura Nights
I think ‘alt-grunge’ is probably the technical term for these Brisbane babes – it’s super slick, fun, kind of rebellious noise. Jess says “hot people” as justification for them being on this list; but to be honest she’s not wrong at all. Cracking chorus on this single.

Gang Of Youths
These guys are undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing bands in Australia – and for good reason, too. Their Facebook genre description is “BASICALLY DAD ROCK” – but it’s the kind of dad rock you’ll secretly groove to even when your dad insists on having it on repeat all the way to Bunnings and back.

Donny Benét
Look. I’m not exactly sure what “Street heat, Italo, inspirational power music, touch” means, but Donny Benét is probably that. He’s a Sydney-based enigma, basically – king of disco, president of synths, and makes a winner of a video. SUCH FUN. (side note: the start of this track sounds suuuper similar to that time Ezra Koenig made ‘rap’ music. Automatically good.)

Jesse Davidson 
Last but in no way shape or form least, how could we not include Jesse Davidson, Boy Wonder. 600% beautiful, 700% talented, and definitely going to be very big very soon. Now please shush while I swoon.

Who are you excited about from the BIGSOUND lineup?

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