We DM’d Guard About Memes, Yeehaw Culture & His Digital Melancholy On ‘i’m calling the cops’

If you’re one of the combined ~2 million following @tindervsreality or @mycringe on Insta – that’s the work of a wonderful young digital popstar we’ve been lurking for the last couple of years, Guard.

His new single i’m calling the cops is in title alone a reference to a meme – but it also turns the focus properly onto his intimate thoughts. On the surface, it’s a melancholic breakup anthem but the way the simple acoustic base & synth stabs across the chorus combine pull your heart just a little bit more than he’s been able to do in the past.

We think this song is extremely good so we DM’d Guard on Insta for a bit whilst he was trying to watch a movie. We love timing.

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