Greyson Chance, KIAN, SODA & This Week’s 9 Best New Bops

This week’s very bloke-heavy. I’m not really sure why. Is this internalised gender bias? I’ll do some soul searching. Anyway, these songs all slap. Especially the best ones towards the bottom. Enjoy.

9. Khalid & Disclosure – Talk

There was no way this wasn’t going to be of reasonable quality.

8. The Chainsmokers & 5SOS – Who Do You Love

I literally cannot work out who is singing what bit, but this is anthemic and a stadium slapper.

7. Bag Raiders & The Kite String Tangle – Lightning

Anything the Bag Raiders touch, even in 2019, still turns to sunny bliss.

6. SACHI – Worst Behaviour

Unbelievably after a streak of putting out a new single literally every month or so for a while, this is the first SACHI single since Hollywood Angel. Not shockingly, it’s an absolute bop. Sam DeRosa adds a really great vocal to a smooth groove that shows SACHI at their best.

5. KIAN – Childish

The now double-platinum debut by KIAN Waiting really became the sleeper hit of the summer, and this makes wonderful sense as a follow-up. Anyone who follows the 16-year-old (!) on Instagram knows he’s a major hip-hop fan and you can feel some strong RnB smoothness seeping through Childism, whilst maintaining the chill & pop sensibilities that made Waiting such a smash.

4. Anna Of The North – Leaning On Myself

Anna’s most raw song she’s ever put out works hard to put the benefits of post-breakup solitude to the forefront.

3. SODA – On My Mind ft Jesse Ravlen

Accessible, melodic pop done with no added bells and whistles that feels like Benny Blanco’s Eastside but made on the Central Coast.

2. Blake Rose – Lost

One night I got an Uber to a party from a music event and the Uber driver told me what half of the Uber drivers I get tell me which is “my [insert family member] does music!” Said Uber driver told me his nephew was a kid named Blake Rose. Turned out we were already Facebook friends. Blake put a song out with Melbourne producer ALIUS which I still think is one of the best songs of the last few years and now he’s doing solo gear. Lost was Zane Lowe’s World Record on Beats 1 last week. It’s really special. It stays grounded and considered throughout its 3 minutes and 54 seconds, but still manages to build ever-so-subtly into a pop epic by the final chorus. Just Blake and his mate and ours with the bright blue eyes Joel Adams wrote it. 2019’s going to be very big for this man.

1. Greyson Chance – Shut Up

Greyson’s discography has been ahead of its time since we found Thrilla In Manila in 2014, but he has kept his shit together, grown as a human being, and five years later he’s doing an album. shut up is the album’s first proper single after a mind-blowing summer anthem in twenty one late last year. It’s everything that’s great about Greyson in one tight song. His wonderful harmonies hit us straight away, his heavily publicised ability on the piano is prevalent throughout, a thought-out approach to dissecting the way relationships affect him is evident all through his vocal performance and god fucking damnit this boy is going to put out the best album of the year. postcards is coming soon, Greyson Chance is perfect and this song should be everywhere.

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