Greyson Chance is now sixteen and making amazing pop music

Alright so you might remember a few years ago this little dude named Greyson Chance was on Ellen a fair bit playing the piano and singing Lady Gaga songs with his chirpy pre-pubescent voice. He released a couple of flop albums, toured in the middle of nowhere and sort of went out of action for a little while.

But now we have stumbled across his new single and it’s essentially from a totally new human. Greyson’s sixteen now, has bought some decent clothes, gotten a haircut and is making amazing disco-pop music with a brilliant gruff to his voice and a falsetto vocal on the chorus of his new single Thrilla In Manila, which may be the best pop song name of 2014.

Seriously, this song is so god damn dancey. I’m hooked. Planet X is the album it’s off and it’ll be out before the year’s end.

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