GRAACE & GRACEY Put Out This Week’s 2 Best New Bops Which Isn’t Confusing At All

In confusing circumstances, the week’s two best new songs are both by variations of the name Grace, stylised in All Caps.

The second ever single from GRACEY sneaks up on you. The first chorus has an entertaining enough melody at the forefront, designed by scientists to distract you from the fact there’s a Jaws-sized chorus about to blow your surfboard out of the ocean. By the end she’s screaming at you to just be legit with her and open up a little bit, if you really love her. And we really do now.

The other is from a Grace we’ve discussed before, Grace Pitts, who goes by GRAACE. Have Fun At Your Party not only possesses the greatest purple-tinged artwork of the year, it’s also a marvelous dark pop moment about the push-pull of admitting you like each other in those less sure early days of a relationship.

So which do you prefer? I don’t really care, because they’re both phenomenal.

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