gold blum’s Debut Single Has The Breezy Energy You’d Expect From The Central Coast

If you’re a fan of cooked music videos &/or songs with inbuilt sunshine, this one is for you.

gold blum is the result of two cousins & two of their friends playing songs and seeing how much they can stretch their personal strengths to make these songs without getting outside help.

Lead singer Kalun Townsend is a gun video producer, so he’s sorted that. He and his cousin Jordan Crotty are both sound engineers, so no trouble there. They got ARIA winner Peter Holz to master it but that doesn’t count. They’ve been tight for a while.

Together they’ve made a pretty tremendous debut single, with the sunshine and effortlessness you would expect from something made entirely on the Central Coast.

gold blum – worn out shoes (Official Music Video)

Debut Single ‘Worn Out Shoes’ available on all streaming platforms | & free download: by gold blum | Mastered by Peter Holz Music | Video by gold blumthis release is 100% independent

Posted by gold blum on Sunday, 3 February 2019

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