Glades Have Turned Post-Breakup Chaos Into One Of The Most Joyous Pop Songs Of The Year On ‘Blonde’

A very common chaotic occurrence after a breakup is peroxiding the ever-living fuck out of your hair until it’s burned to a crisp. Is that just me? Anyway.

The perpetually excellent Australian trio Glades have used that concept as the central idea of their new single Blonde.

Blonde is about helping a friend through a breakup. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to feel the full extent of your emotions to get through something. The song’s about being carefree and allowing yourself to do crazy shit to get over somebody.”  

With an album called Planetarium coming later this year, Glades invented guitars and pulled them into this absolute earworm. It’s the joyousness of Hot Chelle Rae with the sophistication of Karina, Joey & Cam. It’s incredible.

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