Evie Irie’s ‘Worst Enemy’, Made With Greg Kurstin, Is Her Most Convincing Song Yet

I remember having just started a new job last year at a radio station and the label brought Evie Irie in. She was instantly charming. She played some songs on her guitar. They were all extremely good. She was so likeable, so clearly talented, so clearly the definition of a popstar.

But then someone with her put an iPhone into the speakers and played an unmixed track that superseded everything she’d performed.

I have been fucking hanging on for this song to make it to the internet and finally we have it. Greg Kurstin in tow, the immediately addictive popstar Evie Irie has a smash called Worst Enemy out and ready for a whirl.

Pianos and confident harmonies lead a really marvelous pop moment by a young popstar with endless energy to give.

It’s about admitting to the times we sabotage ourselves, and the brutal things we put ourselves through. It’s about feeling like sometimes you are so lost, that you actually think you’re found. It’s a really hard reality when I realize I’m in that place – overwhelmed with the struggle of all of my inner demons. That’s the core of ‘Worst Enemy’.

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