All ten ‘Eurovision – Australia Decides’ songs ranked from 1 (VERY GOOD) to 10 (nightmare)

1. AYDAN – Dust

Former The Voice and Australia’s Got Talent finalist Aydan Calafiore will perform Dust, a song that might be too good for Eurovision.

I’m not sure it will hit with the demographic that’ll be watching but there is, however, a precedent in Sweden for a little song by a younger guy to come out of nowhere and dominate up against more well-known acts when Frans swept Melodifestivalen in 2016.

AAYDAN kills this vocally on stage and I hope it can come out on top. It’s very, very good. If not, I hope radio and streaming playlists pick it up. It’s a great pop song from a young Australian act.

2. Alfie Arcuri – To Myself

This is undoubtedly the best song of Alfie Arcuri‘s career so far. It has the potential to be an excellent Eurovision ballad if the staging can be dialled up.

3. Tania Doko – Piece Of Me

Tania Doko of walking under a bus and being hit by a train fame has delivered the shock of the competition with Piece of Me.

The chorus on this is truly wonderful. I hope she has a chance.

4. Sheppard – On My Way

This is a competently made pop song and for that reason alone, it places high here, however, this is a nothing song about nothing.

Good bridge, though.

5. Electric Fields – 2000 and Whatever

2000 and Whatever from the duo Electric Fields has the perfect energy for Eurovision and Zaachariaha’s performance here is enough to make this wild song a worthy winner.

6. Fight For Love – Courtney Act

I have a lot of love for Courtney Act but this entry is cliched and vocally messy.

If you’re going to Fight For Love, your song better be able to stand up against Dami Im and Cheryl. This song, unfortunately, doesn’t have the range I wish it did.

But still, it’s Courtney Act and we love her.

She delivers a killer performance but it’s worth remembering there are no backing tracks at Eurovision.

7. Leea Nanos – Set Me Free

There’s nothing terribly wrong with this song but there’s a lack of energy that might make it forgettable during the competition. The production reminds me of Loïc Nottet’s 2015 entry Rhythm Inside, which means I like it but it is a bit outdated.

Her inclusion here is exciting and I want to hear more from her and co-writer Frank Dixon in the future, just not at Eurovision this year.

8. Kate Miller-Heidke – Zero Gravity

This song has that completely unhinged energy of one of those Eurovision entries from a small former-Soviet nation that doesn’t qualify for the final.

People like this.

9. Mark Vincent – This Is Not the End

Middle-aged-to-older-women who will envitebly make up 75% of the demographic watching this program, here is my plea to you:

Please go and get out one of your several Michael Buble CDs, or watch a re-run of My Kitchen Rules, lusting after Manu. Please let out your energy for this kind of man there. Please spare the rest of us.

10. Ella Hooper – Data Dust 

A nightmare.

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