ELLE Are A New Pop Duo Whose Debut Single Was Always Going To Be Good

ELLE is a good word, isn’t it? It’s got a divine femininity and an immediate, clean elegance to it.

That’s actually also a relatively good descriptor for the debut single by a Melbourne duo going by that word as their name.

st. James handles vocals, galavanting around a pier in the music video and being the face and voice of the project, whilst Richard S. He looks after the production – which is an ideal mix of sharp beats, clean synths and an 80s shimmer on top. Lyrically it burning everything down in search of a new beginning. Christ, that hits home.

The pair have been making music for most of their lives, with Richard also doubling as a (very good) music journalist, making me nervous for their thoughts on this review.

tldr; song good, hit play, listen.

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