Introducing: ELISHIA, And ‘Mykonos’, A Truly Unabashed Moment Of Joy We Could All Use Right Now

I’ve been posting a lot of rather intense pop music in the last couple of days. All quite upbeat, but still serious! Let’s have a break from that and have some fun with a song that is simple and so, so good.

Elishia was on X Factor Australia back in 2016 as part of a rather good group called BEATZ who’ve seen some phenomenal numbers since then on their videos and songs. But Elishia’s keen to make something happen for herself.

She’s got a super likeable, sharp voice with excellent diction and on this track is joined by a vocalist she melts perfectly with in PATØN, who has a good first name (it’s my one) and I don’t know anything else about him. BUT HE’S GOOD!

There’s elements of dancehall and reggaeton, but never too overbearing. The chorus is addictive and the bridge is something to strive for.

What a bop. Just a real fun bop. Also I really fucking want to go to Mykonos!

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