Dancer’s ‘Dreamer’ Is A Swirling, Maximalist Pop Dream That You’ll Love If You’re Into St. Lucia

We’ve been kinda slamming this song for the last couple of weeks in the Project U office (the room between my bedroom and my hallway comprised of only me) and we will not slow down doing this.

Dancer is four people based in Newy, Dreamer is the song and it’s one of those where just as you think it’s quite large and exciting it explodes into this confetti cannon of energy, sunlight & synths. It’s got the same energy as big pop bands like St. Lucia, Youngblood Hawke and those absolute go-to festival bands like that Swedish one I saw at Splendour that have the song with Tove Lo. Urban Cone! That’s them.

There are some ‘HEY!’ shouts in there for good measure too. It’s really excellent, really worldly and well produced pop music.

We get to show you the video for the song before it goes anywhere else. We hope you like such a thing.

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