Cub Sport’s beautiful pup Evie is going to pull through the illness she’s going through :’)

Cub Sport had some really sad news yesterday with Tim Nelson‘s prized pup, Evie, falling really unwell and struggling to stand.

Tweeting yesterday, Tim said her heart rate “was down to 48bpm and they were scared it might stop”. She was throwing up and unable to stand.

She was literally on death’s door yesterday according to the vet,” Tim just said to me in a Facebook message. “They think she’s got a thing called Addison’s disease which made her really dehydrated which really harmed her kidneys. I think the vet said that a dog’s levels are meant to be around 114 at the most. Evie’s level was 410 yesterday and the vet said that if it was any higher today there was nothing that could be done. This morning it was down to 150 so she’s had a huge improvement. Her kidneys are okay and she’s not gonna need to be put down. Once we get the results from her tests today we can hopefully confirm that she has Addison’s and she can start taking medication for that. She seems happy today and it’s looking like she’ll be able to live a happy normal life.” There was a little ๐Ÿ˜€ face after that but it won’t copy over.

Let’s all celebrate and listen to the gorgeous song Cubbies wrote about her. We’re so happy to hear she’s going to be okay ๐Ÿ™‚

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